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Margot Broom


Margot BroomMargot's passion for the creative goes far beyond her unique eye for design and innovative class sequencing. Margot has the ability to turn a room into a sanctuary, and a business into a community of people working together for a greater good.   Margot's style of teaching is influenced by over 18 years of devotion to her personal yoga practices as well as over 1000 hours of in depth training with her mentors, Dana Flynn & Nikki Costello.
In class with Margot you will always find something new, whether it is new poses, beautifully choreographed sequences or amazing play lists. "I teach directly from my own mat. Whatever I am working on or undergoing in my own life/ practice will flow through me and into my classes. I truly believe that Yoga is an extension innate being as well as a great metaphor for how we live our lives and that every challenge we encounter on or off the mat is meant to help us learn a deeper lesson of how we live, communicate and treat ourselves" . 

Margot has successfully owned and operated Breathing Room Yoga Center in New Haven CT since 2009 and has committed to continuing her mission of providing good quality yoga at a fair price.  Margot’s goal in opening Breathing Room was to create a space in which people can come and practice in their own way, not just students but the teachers on her staff as well, hence the Breathing Room slogan, designed by Margot, “yoga for you". By continuing on her path Margot is doing just that. Since 2009 Breathing Room has been voted "Best Yoga Center in New Haven" in both the New Haven Advocate and New Haven Register. Margot is currently co-leading the Living Yoga Teacher Training a 200hour YA Teacher Training she and coworker develop to share with the Breathing Room community.


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